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The Weight Of Hate – How Resenting Men Nearly Ruined My Life

I could sit you down and spill the beans on all the ways men have messed up my life. The stories would have you agree that maybe, just maybe, all men are indeed scum. You see, I’ve been through the wringer of hell. My life’s been a mashup of cruel scenes straight from a horror … Read more

Shattering The Toxic Workplace Cycle – Two Wrongs Won’t Cut It

When I reflect on and digest Gallup’s 2023 State of Global Workplace Report, I cannot help but feel compassion for employees, leaders, customers, and communities across the globe. However, my initial emotional response was not compassion; it was fueled by disappointment and disgust. How can the human race be so brilliant yet so stubborn? Trying … Read more

ILV Profiled by Cansulta

Visit for more details Isabelle is an accomplished continuous improvement people leader with 20+ years experience in the corporate space.  Today, she’s the Founder/Chief Reinvention Officer of her own consulting firm. As a next generation leadership strategist, mentor & speaker she is on a mission to help organizations protect, preserve, and enhance their people, … Read more

ILV featured on the Stop the Noise Podcast

Reinvention for New Consultants ( Throughout our conversation, Isabelle puts an emphasis on the conversation. Whether you have the privilege to take time off to reflect, think, and plan or you have to get straight to work, the idea is to have the conversations that lead to trusted partnerships. Isabelle explains reinvention as ‘a system … Read more

Brainz Magazine Feature – The Power of Transformation

Read the full feature on Isabelle is no stranger to the principles of owning change, leading with purpose, and ruling the transformation game – these are the pillars of her journey toward a fearless life. Change has been a constant companion throughout her life, often showing up uninvited. Domestic abuse, shattered her when subjected … Read more

3 Powerful Steps to Nurture Your Team’s Emotional Wellness

I recently came across a real-life scenario that highlights a common disconnect in leadership. An empathetic leader attempted to boost an employee’s morale through “positive reinforcement.” While well-intentioned, is this approach enough when our employees are not just dealing with data, but with real, emotional human beings? Here’s the scenario: An industry hiccup led to … Read more

Are You Expecting Your Team to Sprint in Stilettos?

Imagine this! You’re the leader of a team – in your company, your classroom, your community, or even within yourself, at home with your family. You’ve got straightforward, ambitious goals! You envision a resilient, adaptable, united team, equipped with mad skills, delivering top-notch performance, and achieving fantastic results. Sounds like an easy dream come true, … Read more

Breaking News: Workplace Reveals Secret Plan to Form Army of Grinches – Bosses Shocked to Discover it Was Unconscious!

Customer service can feel like a soul-sucking industry. Frontline workers deal with “ticked-off” customers and navigate a broken eco-system that would make anyone feel like they are about to pull their hair out. But guess what? They’re not the only ones taking hits. Team leaders, trainers, project managers, analysts, HR, Organizational Development, I.T., senior leaders, … Read more

Fearlessly Authentic: It Lives in You & Beyond Your Borders

As a true believer in the power of inclusive authenticity, I see endless possibilities for those who embrace it. Being authentic means owning your beliefs, yourself, embracing your superpowers, and building an unbreakable bond with your audience. It’s what sets us apart from the rest and gives us the strength to keep pushing forward, no … Read more