ILV featured on the Stop the Noise Podcast

Reinvention for New Consultants (

Throughout our conversation, Isabelle puts an emphasis on the conversation. Whether you have the privilege to take time off to reflect, think, and plan or you have to get straight to work, the idea is to have the conversations that lead to trusted partnerships.

Isabelle explains reinvention as ‘a system and strategy to identify the best of what we have and let go of what no longer serves us’. As you explore and work as a new consultant, keep progressing and pivoting when you need to. The ideal goal is to work with clients who align with your values and value your work.

Isabelle Lacroix-Vienneau is the founder of ILV Consulting.

With over 20 years of experience in B2C industries like contact centers and the corporate world, She has achieved exceptional results through effective collaboration, from helping to increase employee engagement to winning awards for business excellence and more.