Why follow the crowd when you can lead the way? Our advisory services will help you blaze a trail and reach success.

As a Certified Reinvention Practitioner and next-gen change leader strategist, mentor, and speaker with 20+ years experience, I bring you the power of the Chief Reinvention Officer Method and more with simple yet practical tools and skills that can set you on a sustainable and thriving adventure.

The key to achieving this is simple: YOU MUST DO THE WORK! Just like you can’t get a six-pack by watching others do sit-ups, you need to put in the effort to see the results.

There are so many areas you can choose to reinvent. Using our “Reinvention Map” will show you 15 different ways for possible reinvention (including processes, customer & employee experience, organization & culture and more) and provides ways to make a solid decision on where to begin. There’s also the “Business Model Reinvention Cards” that will give you 25 different business models to choose from along with exercises to use to make an intelligent decision.

With so many possibilities to explore, our priority is meeting you where you are at. The content on this page might be a perfect fit or not, depending on your circumstances. Keep in mind that everything here can be fully customized to match your needs and reality.

ILV for Organizations

Reinvention Consultant: From Strategy to Realized Transformation

In an era of constant change, organizations must be poised not just to adapt, but to transform proactively. As a Reinvention Consultant, I partner with businesses to turn challenges into opportunities, guiding them from initial strategy through to tangible implementation.

Gap Analysis for Reinvention: Conduct comprehensive assessments of your current organizational structures and approach, pinpointing specific areas ripe for transformative change.

Strategic Reinvention Planning: Collaboratively craft and execute transformational plans that are not only forward-looking but also intricately aligned with your objectives, and ideal behaviours ensuring measurable success.

Achieving Operational Excellence through Reinvention: Offer insights on refining processes, enhancing team capabilities, and ensuring that every operational aspect is primed to deliver maximum ROI in a reinvented landscape.

ILV for Leaders

Reinvention Coach: Embrace Change as Your Competitive Advantage

In an era marked by rapid shifts and constant disruptions, it’s not enough to adapt once and expect sustained success. The contemporary world demands a robust, ever-evolving SYSTEM to not just cope with change but to harness it and convert it into your distinctive edge. This is the essence of Reinvention.

As a Certified Reinvention Practitioner and over 20 years experience, I merge the principles of Resilience, Mindset, Life, Corporate Performance, Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Conflict Resolution to offer transformative journeys.

All are curated and tailored to serve one central mission: elevating the quality of life within the system, be it your individual performance, a team, an entire organization, or a broader community.

1:1 and/or Group available

Systematic Embrace of Change: Equip yourself with the tools and mindset to not only navigate change but to leverage it, turning potential threats into opportunities for growth.

Adaptive Leadership: Continuously reinvent your leadership style, ensuring it remains relevant, effective, and authentic in an evolving world.

Building Resilient Organizations: Create structures and cultures that are not just robust but also adaptable, ensuring sustainability in the face of constant change.

Holistic Personal and Professional Growth: Engage in a balanced approach to development, ensuring that bothpersonal and professional spheres are aligned and thriving.

Collaborative Ecosystems: Foster environments where collaboration isn’t just about working together but about co-evolving and co-reinventing the face of challenges.

Employee Engagement & Productivity: Unlock the transformative potential of your teams with tailored engagement techniques, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and mastering the intricacies of corporate dynamics, all aimed at invigorating morale, strengthening commitment, and driving peak productivity.

ILV for Executives

Reinvention-Ready Advisory (Executives/Business Owners)

In the rapidly shifting landscape of business, a strategic, reinvention-centric approach ensures sustained success and adaptability. With my advisory services, we focus on fostering excellence from the frontline to the boardroom, driving change seamlessly, and crafting engagement strategies that align and inspire all stakeholders.

Employee Excellence: Deliver tailored strategies to rejuvenate frontline operations, ensuring an unparalleled customer experience and driving revenue growth.

Change Management for the Modern Era: Navigate organizational shifts with strategies tailored for today’s volatile landscape, ensuring seamless transitions whether it’s internal changes, mergers, or broader shifts.

Stakeholder Engagement Evolution: Develop or refine engagement strategies that foster connection, commitment, and alignment from frontline teams to the executive suite, ensuring everyone is moving in harmony towards shared goals.

Elite Access: Organizational Reinvention Strategy Retainer Model

For leaders committed to not just surviving but thriving in a rapidly evolving business landscape, I offer an exclusive retainer model that provides elite access to comprehensive, tailored reinvention strategies.

Let’s set your organization on a path to sustainable excellence through tailored, ongoing reinvention strategies, ensuring you remain at the forefront of your industry.

Reinvention Deep Dives: Elite Access for Organizational Transformation. Tailored strategic deep dives reviewing organizational structures and processes for optimal reinvention.

Continuous reflections & and accountability alliance: streamlining dynamics, optimizing processes, maximizing ROI, and actualizing transformation plans.

Premium Authentic Coaching: 1:1 and/or group focused on emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and leadership growth.

Employee Excellence: Exclusive Mentorship for Enhanced Productivity & Engagement. Hands-on guidance for initiating and sustaining employee engagement and performance growth.

Elite Access: For urgent executive challenges.

ILV Workshops / Webinars / Keynote

From Resisting Change to Buy-In

Empower individuals and teams to embrace change by understanding its value, reducing resistance, and actively participating in the transformation journey.

Mindset Shift Workshop: Introduce the science-based facts behind resistance to change and techniques to cultivate a growth mindset.

Change Champions Lab: Identify and nurture individuals within the organization to lead and advocate for change.

Scenario Simulations: Engage participants in role-playing activities where they confront change scenarios, allowing them to experience and adapt in a controlled environment.

Feedback Loops Session: Establish channels for open dialogue about change, where concerns can be voiced and addressed, collectively.

From Fear to Action

Equip individuals with tools and strategies to face their fears, overcome them, and channel that energy toward positive action.

Fear Mapping Workshop: Help participants identify their specific fears in the workplace and personal life, and trace them to their roots.

Courage Bootcamp: Engage in activities that push participants slightly out of their comfort zones in a safe environment.

Action Planning Lab: Translate the confrontation of fears into actionable steps towards personal and professional goals.

Resilience and Grit Session: Strengthen participants’ ability to bounce back from setbacks and stay committed to their goals despite challenges.

Corporate Fail Parties

Celebrate failure as a stepping stone to success. By reframing the narrative around failure, individuals can learn, adapt, and innovate more freely.

Failure Storytelling Night: Invite individuals to share their stories of failure in a supportive and celebratory environment.

Fail Forward Workshop: Introduce the concept of iterative learning where every failure is seen as a feedback loop.

Innovation Lab: Encourage participants to brainstorm and prototype ideas without the fear of failure, fostering an environment of experimentation.

Growth from Setbacks Session: Analyze past failures to extract learning lessons and strategies for future endeavours.

From Victim Trap to Empowered Mindset

Transition individuals and teams from a victim-like mindset where they feel circumstances are beyond their control, to a proactive stance where they feel empowered to overcome challenges and secure victories.

Victim to Empowered Workshop: Dive deep into the science-based facts behind the victim mentality and its impact on performance. Introduce tools and techniques to foster a victor mindset.

Empowerment Lab: Engage participants in activities that help them reclaim their power, allowing them to recognize their strengths and potential contributions.

Challenge Simulations: Presents scenarios where participants are initially at a disadvantage. Guide them to use newly-acquired tools to turn situations around.

Practical Blueprinting Session: Equip participants with a roadmap to identify, strategize, and achieve their goals with a victor’s attitude.

Accountability Circle: Create peer groups where individuals hold each other accountable for shifting from a victim mindset to a victory perspective, promoting continuous personal growth and renewal.

ILV Speaks

Female Voice and Allyship

Advocating for the importance of understanding and supporting both male and female perspectives in today’s society.

From Pain to Purpose: Why I stand firmly behind “MEN MATTER TOO”.

Unlocking The Power of Transformation: Transitioning from a mindset of victimhood to one of empowered freedom as a domestic violence survivor and advocate.

A Woman’s Diary of Sanity: Straight-Talk NO-BS!

Addressing the complexities women face in their daily lives, and offering real, no-nonsense solutions.

Mental Health Mastery: How to support a loved one’s mental health without neglecting your own well-being.

Co-Parenting Realities: Navigating the challenges of shared parenting, especially in difficult dynamics. Own your part and change your reality.