The Weight Of Hate – How Resenting Men Nearly Ruined My Life

I could sit you down and spill the beans on all the ways men have messed up my life. The stories would have you agree that maybe, just maybe, all men are indeed scum.

You see, I’ve been through the wringer of hell. My life’s been a mashup of cruel scenes straight from a horror movie. I’ve taken blow after blow, the kind of hurt that chew at your soul, the kind you wouldn’t even want your worst enemy to feel.

Trying to piece my life back together was like assembling a 1000-piece puzzle with no picture to guide me. My emotions were a wild, chaotic ride, careening off the tracks at a terrifying speed. I mistook the burning fury inside me for power. But let me tell you, that anger? It sent me way off the map, and it was one hell of a ride getting back on track.

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Isabelle Lacroix-Vienneau is the founder of ILV Consulting.

With over 20 years of experience in B2C industries like contact centers and the corporate world, She has achieved exceptional results through effective collaboration, from helping to increase employee engagement to winning awards for business excellence and more.